5 Things to Never Buy Used

Everyone loves a bargain. Today, the easiest way to find great deals on certain items is by cruising through online directories, garage sales and other sources of used items. It is not impossible to find items that are as good as new for no more than 10% of their original prices if you are willing to spend some extra time. Even with so many great deals on the market, there are still items that are better new than used. Which items are they?


It is always best to avoid buying used shoes. Shoes conform to the shape of the user’s feet when worn. After a while, a comfortable pair of shoes for one may not be so comfortable when worn by others. This is exactly the problem with used shoes.

Even if you can save 50-60% on the pair of shoes you want, it is much better to buy it new. Instead of going for used shoes, find discounts and special offers on new shoes or shop for the best deals online.


The biggest problem with buying a used mattress is that you don’t know what’s in it. After a few months of use, a mattress may have germs, bed bugs, dead skins and other unwanted substances on and in it. These substances are not only hazardous but also very difficult to remove.

Similar to buying pairs of shoes, it is always best to find deals on new mattresses than going for used ones. Thanks to the internet, you can find amazing bargains in just a few minutes.

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Never – and I seriously mean NEVER – buy used drugs, no matter how much you can save on them. There are countless potential problems with buying used drugs and they are certainly not worth the savings.


Makeups and beauty products can be found at almost every garage sale and websites specializing in used items. The main reason why they aren’t worth the savings is because there are quite a lot of bacteria and health risks associated with using someone else’s cosmetics.


The problem with used hats is that they often contain sediment of dead skin, hair or even lice. Even worse, the sediment may not be visible. Why risk dealing with health issues in the future when you can still save a lot of money buying new hats? Buy hats during seasonal sales and avoid these potential problems.